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Membership Agreement


This contract is to be purchased from the website (hereinafter referred to as the INTERNET SITE) (hereinafter referred to as PRODUCT / PRODUCTS) and to the Meridian Bag AKS. AYKA. SINGING. TIC. LTD. ŞTİ Architect Hayrettin Mah. Yahya Pasa Sok. No: 13 / D Beyazıt Fatih İstanbul (Tel: (0212) 458 34 24; email: Meridyen Çanta AKS. AYKA. SINGING. TIC. LTD. ŞTİ (hereinafter referred to as the SELLER), the Law on the Protection of the Consumers and the Order with the order form, which specifies the quality-quantity, the sale price, the collection procedure and conditions of the sales price, and the date of sale, filled by the BUYER in electronic environment. Contracts determine the rights, law and obligations of the parties within the scope of the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures of Practice.


 The CONSUMER has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods or services within 14 days from the date of signing the contract or without taking any legal and criminal responsibility and without giving any reason (and without paying any penalty). In case the right in question is used within the term, the Product shall be taken back by us within 20 days from the date of receipt of the notification.
However, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, the contracts related to the goods / services do not have the right of withdrawal, even if they are not used / used: they are produced in accordance with the special requests of the BUYER or personal needs (including modifications or additions made to the person / personal needs by making changes or additions). goods; cosmetics etc. with chocolate etc. goods which are not suitable for repatriation, such as foodstuffs, and are at risk of rapid deterioration or are likely to exceed the expiration date; Audio or video recordings such as cd, dvd, software programs and computer supplies; goods determined in organized markets such as stock markets; publications such as newspapers and magazines; betting and lottery services; in general, all services rendered instantly on the electronic medium and all kinds of intangible goods delivered to the BUYER immediately. In addition, services commenced to be executed within the period of withdrawal with the approval of the BUYER and other goods-services accepted outside the scope of the distance sale pursuant to the relevant legislation. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, written notice must be given to the SELLER within the legal period of 14 days. (Written notification letter, electronic mail, such as a continuous data carrier-remote communication tool can be done) If this right is used, as well as the mentioned written notification to the 3rd person or the Purchaser's delivery delivery of the product delivered to the SELLER the original invoice (in accordance with tax legislation) is required to be returned. In addition, the products, which must be returned, must be delivered to the SELLER complete and undamaged with the box, package and standard accessories, if any. The delivery price of the product returned by the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the SELLER.

In addition to the cases where the invoice is required to be refunded by the BUYER, the section on the back of the invoice which will be returned with the Product shall be filled and signed. Order refunds issued on behalf of the institutions will not be accepted unless the RETURN BILL is deducted. Within 10 days after the above written documents and the Product reach the SELLER, the Product price is returned to the BUYER. In the case of credit card payments, the return transaction is made to the credit card on return (General Provisions, the provisions and the provisions of the return clause 7 also apply in cases of cancellation due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal). If there is a decrease in the value resulting from the changes and deteriorations, or in general of the BUYER's defect, the BUYER shall indemnify this decrease in the value and the value of the goods (the above sale price) to the SELLER if there is impossibility of return.


 1. BUYER, the basic features of the products shown in the WEBSITE, including all taxes, including sales price and payment method, delivery and withdrawal rights, and the terms of use of the preliminary information on the side of the information, read and have knowledge and approval for the electronic environment provides approval-approval would.

2. The product subject to the contract shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person / company at the address indicated in the preliminary information on the website according to the distance of the BUYER for each product provided that it does not exceed the legal 30-day period. it is. SELLER SELLER sells products to the BUYER through the delivery companies and the delivery is made.

3. Unless otherwise stated otherwise, delivery costs (shipping charge, etc.) are the responsibility of the BUYER. The SELLER may not reflect all or part of the delivery costs to the BUYER depending on the results of the campaigns executed at the time of sale and announced the conditions in the WEBSITE.

4. If the products delivered at the address are not available at the address of the BUYER at the time of delivery, the SELLER shall be deemed to have fulfilled the performance completely and completely. If there is no one to take delivery at the address, it will be the responsibility of the Buyer to follow up the shipment of the products by contacting the cargo company. In such cases, the Buyer shall bear any loss arising from the late delivery of the Product and the expenses incurred by the Product in the cargo company and / or the return of the cargo to the SELLER.

5. The PURCHASER is responsible for checking the Product at the time it is received and seeing a problem caused by the cargo in the Product, not accepting the Product and keeping a record of the CARGO company representative. Otherwise, the SELLER will not accept any responsibility. Upon the request of the SELLER during the delivery of the PRODUCT, the BUYER is obliged to sign a printed sample of this Agreement; In case of failure to sign the product may not be delivered. This Agreement, which is approved by the BUYER during the purchase from the WEBSITE is sufficient and valid in all cases.

6. If the BUYER is not otherwise provided by the SELLER, the Purchaser must have paid the price in full before receiving the Product. In case of advance sales, before the delivery, if the product price is not paid to the SELLER and the installment amount due in installment sales is not paid, the SELLER may cancel the contract unilaterally and not deliver the Product. In case the Bank / financing institution of the credit card is not paid to the SELLER for any reason after the delivery of the product, the Product shall be returned to the SELLER by the BUYER at the latest within 3 days from the BUYER. All other contractual and statutory rights of the SELLER, including accepting the return of the Product, shall be reserved in each case. Not to hesitate; Credit card, installment card, etc., which is owned by banks and financial institutions. all the facilities provided by these cards are credit and / or installment payment facilities provided by the card issuer; Product sales realized within this framework and where the SELLER collects the price at all times or in exchange shall not be used as a loan or installment sale for the parties of this Agreement and are for sale. The legal rights of the SELLER in cases deemed to be sold in installments by law (including the right to terminate the contract and / or the payment of the remaining debt together with the default interest if the installments are not paid) are available and reserved. In case of default of the BUYER, the default interest shall be applied at a rate of 5% per month.

7. If the Product cannot be delivered within the legal 30-day period due to extraordinary circumstances (such as weather, heavy traffic, earthquake, flood, fire etc.) other than normal sales / delivery conditions, the SELLER informs the BUYER about the delivery. In this case the BUYER can cancel the order, order a similar product, or wait until the end of the emergency. If the product price has been collected in the cancellation of the order, it will be returned to the BUYER within 7 days after the cancellation. Credit card payments are also refunded to the BUYER credit card and the Product amount will be returned to the bank within 7 days of the order being canceled by the BUYER; since this amount is directly related to the Bank's transaction process after the return of the amount to the Bank, the BUYER accepts in advance that it is not possible for the SELLER to intervene in any way and assume responsibility for the possible delays. (The banks can generally take up to three weeks to return the refund to the account of the BUYER.)

8. If the SELLER is justified for reasons other than extraordinary circumstances, it is possible to supply the other goods / services with equal quality and price by notifying the CONSUMER in case it is understood that the subject product / service cannot be procured. In cases where the CONSUMER does not approve, the provisions regarding the cancellation of the order shall be applied.)

9. BUYER may notify the SELLER of the requests and complaints regarding the product and sales with the SELLER communication channels in the introduction of the Contract. Upon the request of the SELLER during the delivery of the PRODUCT, the BUYER is obliged to sign a printed sample of this Agreement; In case of failure to sign the product may not be delivered. This Agreement, which is approved by the BUYER during the purchase from the WEBSITE is sufficient and valid in all cases.

10. This Agreement, which is approved by the BUYER for receiving the preliminary information and confirmation, is in force until the parties fulfill their payment / delivery obligations arising from the Contract, without prejudice to the relevant provisions.


SELLER records (including records in magnetic media, such as computer-voice recordings) constitute conclusive evidence in the resolution of any dispute that may arise from this Agreement and / or its implementation; The Consumer Arbitration Committees within the monetary limits determined within the framework of the legislation are the Consumer Courts in the settlement of the BUYER and the SELLER in cases exceeding and are authorized. Information on the monetary limit is as follows.
Effective from 28 May 2014:
Provincial Consumer Arbitration Committees in disputes under two thousand Turkish Liras, provincial Consumer Arbitration Committees in disputes under three thousand Turkish Liras, provincial Consumer Arbitration Committees in disputes between two thousand Turkish Liras and three thousand Turkish Liras what is required to apply. Where necessary, Consumer Courts may be lodged for disputes over or after the application. The BUYER shall read all the terms and explanations written in the Contract-Contract pre-information form constituting the integral part of this Agreement and the basic properties of the products subject to sale, the sales price, the payment method, the terms of delivery etc. subject to sale all prior information about the product and the right of withdrawal, the prior information is seen on the Internet in electronic environment and confirmation as well as sent to the electronic mail, so that all of them electronically confirmed by confirming the product-order and accept the provisions of this Agreement declares.